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Kenya Students’ Christian Fellowship is registered in Kenya and is committed to developing a generation of role model Christians, having godly values and playing an active and positive role in church and society. The key activities for KSCF include bible study, counseling, discipleship, evangelism and mentorship.  KSCF is powered by a strong believe in the Holy Scriptures and as a group, we collectively believe in the divine inspiration and trustworthiness of the Holy Scriptures as originally given, being supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.


Since its formation in the 1950s, KSCF has seen God do mighty things and for the next four years, we are waiting upon God to fulfill His promises. In the next four years, we purpose to position ourselves even more strategically so that the kingdom of God can be realized. Within this period, the Fellowship will focus its energy in implementing the four key result areas as stipulated in this strategic plan. These pillars are: Peer to peer model of ministry (P2P); leadership development and organizational strengthening; ICT integration and brand development; and resource mobilization and financial capacity. Under P2P, KSCF will focus on four main pillars: Bible study; discipleship and mentorship; leadership development; and peer counseling.


The P2P strategy is a belief that the future of Kenya is linked to building strong character in the youth. What we do with the youth today determines what our country become tomorrow. P2P seeks to empower and equip students to transform and influence their peers. KSCF will seek to enhance its impact at county level through strengthened county level structures and better coordination from national level all the way to the grassroots.


With the aim of developing leaders that will serve not only the Fellowship but also the country and humanity by large, KSCF will invest time resources in developing leadership capacity of various stakeholders in a way that will energize and sustain within their hearts and souls a life of spiritual growth and desire to serve God and humanity. Through training on prayers and provision of prayer guides and prayer items, the Fellowship will seek to develop stakeholders who are committed to a prayerful life and who are willing to teach others the same.


KSCF recognizes and appreciates the importance of embracing technology in day to day operations and in enhancing the brand image of KSCF. Within this strategic plan period, we will strategically invest in upgrading our hard and soft technology and make maximum use of currently available resources and those yet to be acquired. Our aim is to sensitize our stakeholders about our activities and create an environment where potential members are eager to be associated with the Fellowship.


For the Fellowship to achieve desired vision, there is need to ensure that there is no shortage of both financial and human resources. As a Fellowship, we are committed to ensuring that we enhance and broaden our revenue base. This will be done through encouraging stakeholders to honor their subscription obligations and developing income generating activities that will not only be a source of revenue but also be of vital service to humanity.


The strategic plan will be implemented through annual plans with each plan being developed at the end of the preceding year or early in the year of interest. Each annual plan will be extensively evaluated at the end of the year with specific focus being given to effectiveness, efficiency, output, outcome, impact, engagement of various stakeholders and sustainability. Lessons learned and best practices will be recorded within the scope of the annual plans evaluation and this will be used to inform the next annual plan. Midterm evaluation and review of the strategic plan will be done at the end of the second year of implementation. With God’s guidance, we will reach out to students and support their development and walk of faith.




Peer to Peer Model of Ministry (P2P)

Strategic Objective One (1): To equip students to be able to impact their peers with godly living.

Leadership Development and Organizational Strengthening

Strategic Objective Two (2): To develop and maintain an effective and efficient governance and administration system that has the capacity to facilitate robust ministry at KSCF.

Brand Development  & ICT integration

Strategic Objective Three (3): To adopt technology that will transform the way KSCF manages operations and present KSCF in a way that will enhance brand awareness across the nation.

Resource Mobilization and Partnership Building      

Strategic Objective Four (4): To develop adequate and reliable stream of resources that will ensure financial sustainability and facilitate realization of KSCF’s mission and vision


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Since its registration in 1959, KSCF has grown in leaps and bounds to the point that there are over 3000 schools covered in one way or another, 60 Associates teams operational in different areas and currently organized into 16 regions covering most parts of Kenya.

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