Mission & Vision


To lead students in secondary schools and colleges in Kenya to come to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, mature in Him and equip them for effective service, & mobilize and empower Christian workers for effective service among the students.


A Generation of Role Model Christians, having Godly Values and Playing an Active and Positive Role in Church and Society




13th June, 2018 @ Nairobi Club, 6:30-9:00 am.



Kenya Students Christian Fellowship wish to invite you to the 2018 heads of Churches, Christian Institutions and Business community breakfast meeting on 13th June, at the Nairobi Club, Ngong Road from 6:30am - 9:00am . This forum seeks to focus on the high school ministry as the key to unlock Kenya’s spiritual and moral transformation.  The Forum was conceptualized last year after the KSCF management appreciated the need of a wider involvement of the church leaders and other professional Christians holding different positions in the society.

Impact and the Challenges.

KSCF has served students in high schools faithfully for over 50 years. This has seen thousands if not millions of Kenyans impacted in one way or another by KSCF work in schools.  It is estimated that up to 60% of church members received Christ while in high school and therefore owe their biblical and spiritual upbringing to the KSCF ministry among students. Although KSCF has made a great stride in ministering to high school students in Kenya, the widening generational gap and contemporary culture pervading the youth pose a bigger challenge requiring a critical focus. A deeper look at high school ministry in Kenya shows a bleak future if a vital and a resolute action is not taken. While the crisis has important political, social, and economic ramifications, in the ultimate analysis only a spiritual return to the biblical foundations will address the root concerns of the problems facing adolescents. Student ministry requires adult Christ- followers to show students how to follow Christ. For many years this has been the focus of KSCF.

The Opportunity and Objectives

The heads of Churches, Christian Institutions and Business community breakfast provides an opportunity to reflect on the best possible future for the country and interrogate the corrective steps which we all need to engage in so as to partner with KSCF in reaching this cohort of our generation. During the breakfast we will present key challenges facing high school ministry in Kenya, what KSCF is doing to mitigate them and the role of the church and other Christians as key players in ministry delivery to schools. We hope therefore that this meeting will unite the church and other Christian professionals behind a common strategy to reverse missed opportunities and collaborate with KSCF in transforming the lives of students in our high schools.

The objectives of the breakfast will be;

i.       To help the heads of Churches, Christian Institutions and Business community understand why students’ ministry is critical for the Church & the country.

ii.     To bring the heads of churches and the pastors to an understanding that KSCF is not a competitor, but an arm of the church.

iii.   Enhance the partnership between KSCF and the churches so that they may continue praying for KSCF and convince their members be part of KSCF.

We look forward to being with you at the breakfast. Kindly confirm attendance by contacting the office on Tel: 0721-770933 or sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for us to facilitate arrangements.


Yours sincerely,


Joseph Odingo

General Secretary