Mission & Vision


To lead students in secondary schools and colleges in Kenya to come to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, mature in Him and equip them for effective service, & mobilize and empower Christian workers for effective service among the students.


A Generation of Role Model Christians, having Godly Values and Playing an Active and Positive Role in Church and Society




The KSCF week is a special annually event on the KSCF calendar. It is a time when the entire KSCF family engages in various activities that aims at increasing the visibility of the ministry in churches and society, and also aims at raising finances to meet its operational costs. 

This year’s KSCF week will take place on 27th May to 3rd June 2018.  We hope to achieve the following objectives;

       i.              Increase KSCF awareness in schools, churches and society.

     ii.        Improve Christian Union- school administration relations and the neighboring communities.

   iii.          Increase KSCF partnerships with individuals, churches and other like-minded organizations.

   iv.          Resource mobilization for KSCF ministry.  


Importance of the KSCF week

This week is important because it give Christian students and associates an opportunity to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ in a number of ways;

       i.          Servant leadership; this is a leadership quality that was taught and espoused by our Lord Jesus Christ i.e.  For students, they could organize school clean-up days, tree planting; visit the sick in hospital or children homes among others. Associates on the other hand are expected to organize rallies, visit churches and County Government offices and principals with the aim of educating them of the role of KSCF in schools and the support required from them. KSCF awareness clip will help do some of this awareness especially for the churches. However, we advise that both students and associates engage in activities that suit their context and not be limited to the above suggested activities.

     ii.          Evangelism; i.e. by students and associates sharing the word of God with their peers/colleagues to the school community, churches and the neighboring communities.  

   iii.          Exercise the discipline of prayer and fasting; we expect both students and associates will have a day of prayer and fasting to pray for the ministry of KSCF, KSCF staff members and their families, regional KSCF leaderships, school administrators among others. Students could also organize prayer walks within their school premises and pray for their fellow students, issues affecting their institutions and their personal needs.

   iv.          Christian peer counseling; we suggest this take an advocacy model, that students will organize peaceful campaigns in their schools against any immoral behaviors affecting their peers or any other matter.  

     v.          Practical Bible study: both associates and students to carry out open bible studies per day for 45 minutes and use this opportunity to create awareness for KSCF. For students this could mean CU students send representatives to all classes to have bible study sessions at a convenient time daily for the entire week. We advise proper planning with the director of studies in your respective schools to avoid any hitches.

   vi.          Raise funds for KSCF ministry. We hope at the end of the week that both students and associates will do a special giving towards KSCF. These monies will be forward to KSCF head office through the accounts stated below. All monies received will be acknowledged and receipts issued.

 vii.          Creation of KSCF awareness; we intent this time round to revamp KSCF awareness. We will be sending a three-minute awareness clip and a power point presentation alongside this concept paper to aid you in creating awareness. However both associates and students are free to think of other creative ways of creating awareness. For example the Christian union could organize a session with their teachers including the principal and create awareness of what KSCF does in schools, organize membership subscriptions desks for students at specific hours of the day, make use of school assembly days to do awareness, prepare handbill-sized write-ups about KSCF and distribute to fellow students and teachers, prepare skits and poems on the impact KSCF in schools among others.


Expected Outcome

We expect the following at the end of the KSCF week and on-wards;

i.                 Increased ownership of KSCF activities by both students and associates.

ii.               Increased financial support and other resources to KSCF ministry.

iii.             Increased partnership with Churches and other like-minded organization.  


The KSCF week program

We have attached an ideal program for the entire week that will aid your preparation and make the event a success. As I mentioned earlier, you are not limited to the proposed activities but both regional leaders and students can think of other creative ways to do awareness and hence suggest activities that fit their context. We also advise that you plan well in advance since some activities may require a lot to be done.  Kindly click here for the proposed program : PROPOSED KSCF WEEK ACTIVITIES-2018



We hope to receive written reports including photos at county or a sub-county level at the end of the event. These reports will then be generated into a single document that will be shared across the nation and with our partners. I have attached a reporting template for your consideration. Kindly click here for the template. KSCF WEEK REPORTING TEMPLATE-2018


            Collections can be deposited in any of the below accounts:

·       M-Pesa Pay Bill No: 542600 A/C No: KSCF Week

·       Bank Deposit: Equity Bank Acc: 1400261441189, Branch: Supreme Westlands, Name: Kenya Students’ Christian Fellowship.

·       Cheques should be written to Kenya Students Christian Fellowship


Yours Faithfully;


Joseph Odingo

KSCF General Secretary