The Council is ultimately responsible for the whole welfare of the Fellowship. It safeguards and interprets the objectives and beliefs of the Fellowship and in particular have the following prerogatives:

  1. Give Strategic direction to the Fellowship as  set out in the strategic plan and policies  adopted by the National Annual Meeting.
  2. To elect the Executive Committee of the Fellowship
  3. To Confirm appointment of all staff on the advice of the Executive Committee
  4. To define the geographical administrative units of the fellowship.
  5. To oversee and regulate the leadership and activities of the Regions, Counties and Sub Counties..
  6. To draw the annual budget of the Fellowship.
  7. To pass all publications of the Fellowship of a permanent nature.
  8. To nominate members of the Board of Trustees of the Fellowship for ratification by the National Annual Meeting
  9. To nominate the members of the Board of Patrons of the Fellowship for ratification by the National Annual Meeting



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