Strategic plan

In 2010, KSCF revised its strategic plan. This revision enabled the fellowship to achieve two broad goals:

It enabled us to have specific goals and a clear way of achieving these goals. The strategic plan created room for other players and stakeholders in the fellowship to have a more direct role in helping the office with critical ideas on how best the fellowship can be managed with the aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness.

There are seven strategic pillars:


¢  Expansion of Students Ministry

¢  Benefiting from KSCF Legacy

¢  Positioning KSCF in Provision of Services to Students

¢  Effective KSCF Structure

¢  Development of Strategic partnerships

¢  Resource Development

¢  Capacity Building



Expansion of Students Ministry   

¢  Strategic Goal:  Ensuring growth and more effective ministry to students nationally and internationally

Strategic Objectives

¢  Establishment of a KSCF missions department and partnership with Mission Agencies by 2011

¢  KSCF Regional Offices in Coast and North Eastern provinces by 2012

¢  KSCF Associate Teams formed in 80% of the Districts in Kenyan Coast and North Eastern Regions by 2012

¢  KSCF chapters in all University Christian Unions by 2012

¢  Organization of triennial international students conferences from 2012

¢  Sending of KSCF members (Associates and students) to students’ conferences in other African countries from 2013

¢  Facilitate formation of Students ministries in other countries from 2013

¢  Presence of KSCF in 80% of schools in Kenya by 2014

¢  Presence of KSCF in 60% of certificate colleges in Kenya by 2014

¢  Eighty (80%) of students exposed to the gospel message at least once by the time they graduate by 2014


¢Strategic Goal:  Linking KSCF History to its Future Growth 

Strategic Objectives

¢Develop and put into operation a body of Champions, “goodwill ambassadors”, at REGIONAL and NATIONAL level by 2011

¢A mechanism of involvement of former CU leaders as Schools Ministry Facilitators at Associate team level by 2011

¢A mechanism for appreciating those who have served with distinction in the ministry over the years by 2011

¢A forum for immediate high school Christian graduates (KESAT) set up in all teams by 2012

¢A Forum for past KSCF Associates created and functioning (Alumni Association) including those in Diaspora by 2012


¢  Strategic Goal: Positioning KSCF to be a Lead service provider for high school and college students.

Strategic Objectives

¢  Relevant products and models that are cutting edge such as leadership training for prefects, and other leaders, developed by 2011.

¢  KSCF Represented in all relevant policy making forums (Curriculum, education policy forums) EAK, NCCK membership by 2012

¢  Mandate of KSCF in high schools recognized by all authorities:  government, parents, teachers, churches—local and national levels, local administration and opinion leaders by 2013.


¢  Strategic Goal: To generate a structure that links the ownership, organization and operations of the fellowship

Strategic Objectives

¢  An appropriate structure for students participation and coordination from the CU to National level by 2012

¢  A structure for associate participation and coordination from grassroots to national redefined and developed--Quality of associates, Charter of Service for Associates, skills and qualification by 2012.

¢  Functions of the regional team redefined and activities planning coordination mechanism put in place by 2012.

¢  Governance structure that responds to the real ownership and service mandate of the fellowship by 2012

¢  The constitution and policies of the organization reviewed and put into operation by 2013

¢  A revised ownership, governance and management as well as operation structure and guidelines developed and communicated by 2013


¢  Strategic Goal: To ensure KSCF operates in the context of other sister ministries, meets the needs of others as well as taking advantage of available resources in other ministries

Strategic objectives

¢  Strategy for partnerships with facilitating Authorities, bodies and organizations by 2011

¢  Strategy Partnerships with like mind and faith students ministries ( Focus, Scripture union, Life Ministry, Youth for Christ, Navigators, Source of Light, NAYNET etc) by 2011

¢Strategy for partnerships with other local and international agencies and ministries that offer ministry, materials and services to youth by 2011



¢  Strategic Goal: Ensuring Sufficient Resources for Optimum Running of the Ministry.

Strategic Objectives

¢  Database of a pool of committed long time supporters for the Ministry by 2011

¢  Strategy for sustainable financial streams (investment and endowment master plan on fund raising to go alongside the ad hoc efforts) by 2011

¢  Strategy for use of services and materials to generate revenue, including special projects for students, associates and staff by 2012

¢  A facility built at the current Westland's KSCF plot to provide income for the Ministry by 2014.



¢  Strategic Goal:  Ensuring adequate capacity to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness in ministry.

Strategic Objectives

¢  Have a clear organization development plan and operating systems by 2011.

¢  A mechanism for a well trained and adequate workforce in line with calling/skills of the fellowship continuous by 2011

¢  Adequate and relevant Infrastructure—offices, equipment, tools (including websites), brochures/fliers ongoing from 2011

¢  Having an adequate structure (including staff at the national and regional levels to coordinate the activities- trained/harmonized, clear responsibilities/ empowered people—delegation and standardization of approach) by 2012.

¢  Harmonized regional plans into the national strategic plan and shared with members at all levels for ownership from 2012



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